How is the family doing?
Everyone is healthy and have basically adjusted to life here.
Jason: Finally found a couple descent running routes and a mountain to run on.
Tricia: She is really enjoying being home with the kids and not having to go to work, though the 2nd kid is a lot of work and the 3rd one is really wearing her out right now.
Elijah: He is really starting to talk a lot. He can even say some Chinese words.
Isaiah: He is still a little terror, but he is pretty well fenced in in our apartment complex.
? (Boy): Growing (Approximate Due Date: 06/07/2008).

What is your address?
Our address is in Traditional Chinese. You need to have the Chinese language installed on your computer in order to read it. If anything is being mailed here, just add the word "Taiwan" in English on the line above the address.

What are your future plans/activities?
Short Term: Getting ready for the baby.
Mid Term: Our 3rd child (boy) will be born in June
Long Term: We will probably be here for two years and then move to the Shanghai area of Mainland China.

What time is it there?
It is currently 12 hours ahead of EST (13 hours during DST).

What is the weather like?
When I first arrived in June, it was 35-39C for the high and only dropped a couple degrees during the night. It was like that during June, July, and August. During September it started to cool off a little with highs between 30 and 35C. In October, it really cooled off and highs were around 28-29C. The forecast for November was highs of only 27C. During Dec, Jan, and Feb the highs were around 20C with lows only getting down to 12C on a few occasions.

What is the food like?
Good. Obviously mostly chinese. In fact, I am finding it easier to order from chinese places than ordering from McDonalds. I didn't drink too much tea in the States, but I like the 烏龍奶茶 here. There is one place that will add ice cream instead of milk. I usually go there. If I can't find one of those places, there is another place that will put extra sugar in it for me. Tricia usually gets 茉莉 綠茶. Milk is about twice as expensive as in the States and ice cream is at least twice as much and not as creamy. They do have Hagen Daz, but it is very expensive and I haven't tried it yet. Not too long ago, we found a Cold Stone at the Dream Mall. Prices there seem to be about the same as the prices back in the States, so in other words, it is actually cheaper here. Beef is also very expensive with chicken and pork being at least half the price of beef. There is a Costco here and it is the only place so far that I have found chocolate chips and sour cream.