The Flight (2007/05/31-06/02)

My flight left Detroit, MI on Thursday, May 31st. A few hours later, the plane landed in Salt Lake City, UT for a short layover. The flight then continued onto LA. It was about 10pm PST when the plane landed. I have only been to LAX once before but I did not have to change planes then. So it was kind of strange leaving the airport and then walking about a 1/4 mile to another building in order to continue my flight. The check-in counterĀ  wasn't open yet and it wasn't until an hour later when it did finally open. In the meantime, the first passengers to get there removed one of the ropes so they could line up at the counter. Then when everyone else came, they didn't know they were not suppose to get in line and so they got in line. About 15 minutes before they opened the counter, a couple Mexicans came over to the roped off section and started to redo the ropes and were getting rather upset with everyone standing in line. But instead of saying something so we could all move, they just kept muttering stuff and yelling at each other. After checking in, I got most of my money exchanged into Taiwanese dollars. The wait for the next plane seemed a lot longer than it was. I ended up buying a U-shaped pillow and took a short nap.

The flight left LA Friday, June 1st about 1am PST. The flight was about 14 hours long. I was able to get some sleep and when I wasn't sleeping I was either reading, watching TV or movies, or playing a game. China Airlines has screens in the back of all the seats and a controller for each seat so you can pick what you want to watch or do. They also served a couple meals during the flight. They may have served three, but I may have been asleep when they did. I arrived in Taipei on Saturday morning, June 2nd. I had to change planes and there were no signs or people to say where I was supposed to go when I got off the plane. So I just followed everyone else and then after going through security, I saw some signs for the counter where I was to get my boarding pass for the next flight. There was about a two hour layover there so I found a bathroom and washed myself up, shaved, and changed my clothes. Then I stopped at a small restaurant and got some breakfast. When I was done, I went back to the waiting area and watched them load up the plane we were going to be getting on. I then saw my luggage and my computer being put on the conveyor belt so I knew my luggage and computer had at least made it this far and I should be able to pick them up when we land. It was a very short flight from Taipei to Kaohsiung, maybe 45 minutes.