Moved Into the Apartment (06/15-06/30)

I met with the landlord and was finally able to rent the apartment.
Moved into the apartment June 15/16th.

The first thing I bought was a clothes washer and a couch. I figured the most important thing was going to be washing my clothes. The couch I bought so I would have some place to sleep. It was pretty hot in the apartment, so the next thing I needed to buy was a fan. I also picked up a shower curtain and a rod to hang it on. The next major item to buy was a fridge so I could buy larger quantities of milk and other items. I could also keep any leftovers I may have had. I also bought a cheap pot and pan so I could reheat or cook anything I may have bought. After some searching, I was finally able to buy a computer desk that fit the idea of what I wanted.

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