Installed Water Purification System
Getting Ready for Taroko Marathon
Won a Wii at the school's summer party
Bought an extra controller

Went to Hualien
Ran in the Taroko Marathon

Finally bought a microwave.

Bought a blanket for the winter as it is finally getting a lot cooler here at night. (Thanks Grandma Getter.)

Started training for Kenting Half-Ironman which will be April 12th. Making sure my running is consistent. Trying to get my biking where is needs to be and also making the needed changes/adjustments to my bike to get faster and more efficient. Still trying to figure out how to get the swimming portion practice in.

Bought a small Christmas tree.
Bought some Christmas presents from money received for doing as such.
Jason: Two more Wii contollers for when company comes over and a case so the Wii is easier to take to someone else's house.
Tricia: TV box that connects to the computer monitor.
Elijah: A bicycle. (He has one that we bought when they first arrived, but he is already outgrowing it and Isaiah will get Elijah's.)
Isaiah: Take-Along-Thomas Carnival Set. (And Elijah's "old" bike. Isaiah wants to look at bikes every time we go to the store and hopes evey time we are going to buy one for him.)
We will probably buy a metal rack and lights for the kitchen, a dresser for the boys, and a wardobe for us next week. We are still looking at different options for toy storage but haven't seen one we really like yet. We are also looking at buying a filing cabinet.

Tricia is really starting to show. She is about 16 weeks now. According to some websites, this is the earliest you can tell if it is a boy or girl. We are going to wait a few more weeks just so we can be sure. We will more than likely purchase a pack'n'play instead of a crib when the time comes (May or June) since the pack'n'play has netting to keep out the mosquitoes, is cheaper, and will be easier to move to other rooms. As for the other things yet to buy. The short dresser (changing table?) we won't need until the baby is born. The lamps probably won't be needed until then also. We will need to buy an air conditioner well before that since they won't be on sale once it starts warming up again. We should purchase more chairs so company can have more places to sit. A couch would be really nice to have and is something that Tricia really wants. We will need to buy something a lot more comfortable than the plastic chairs and the "couch" we have right now for when Tricia is further along. The TV for the living room is more of a wish list item and it would be the last thing we will look at purchasing.

Went to Ikea today and bought some of the stuff we needed. We found a nice, simple wardrobe for only $2000 (better than the $5000-$20,000 that most were). We also got the boys two small dressers (only $900 for each) so they each have their own and are not much taller than them so they can put their own clothes away. We also purchased a store storage system that we had seen before and seems to be the best option. We also bought them a small plastic table with two small plastic chairs that will also double as our coffee table. When we went to leave, we looked at the as-is section and noticed a couch there. The couch was one we saw a couple months ago and we really liked it. It was regularly $25,000 and was on sale for $16,000. We didn't have enough money at the time so we didn't get it. However, the demo couch was now in the as-is section and was only $12,500, a lot cheaper than anything else we had looked at. I then stopped at B&Q on the way home tonight and picked up a metal rack for the kitchen and a light for the kitchen. We decied to skip the file cabinet as most were just as much as a dresser. Instead, we will just use the totes we have that the boys were using for their toys. So our next major purchase will be an air conditioner and then we will have to start saving for stuff for the baby.

It has been a while since updating these pages. Isaiah had his birthday and is now two. After Chinese New Year, Dollars was getting rid of the older models of their air conditioners. We picked up the demo unit really cheap and had it installed a couple days later. We have started to think about future plans and when to move.

We bought a big 18" fan for the living room since we don't have air conditioning there and also to move the ac air from the boys room to our room at night. Also found a couple cheap lamps for our bedroom. The next major thing we need to buy soon is a bike for Tricia. The other one is starting to fall apart and become not safe. We also bought a small wading pool for the kids (and us when it gets really hot). As soon as we get the rebate check, we will purchase the last few things we need.

We bought Tricia a new bike.

Bought another dresser from Ikea so each boy has his own dresser. Also bought a wire rack for the boys room to put the computer in there during the hot summer days in the only air conditioned room. Also bought a computer monitor that was on sale for the living room computer and moved the smaller to the boys' room. Decided not to get extra chairs as the baby can be fed in the walker and we can use the couch when we have company over.

Jeremiah was born on June 3, 2008.

Rigged up a clipless pedal system on the bike using flipflops. Ordered several bike horns for both bikes and a friend. Purchased cheap aerobars for the bike which are actually quite nice. My PDA finally died after 5 years of use. I have found a replacement at Costco after much research and looking at other options. We are waiting until the tax return from Taiwan to arrive before purchasing. However, one thing we have noticed (especially with Costco), is that if you see an item there you really can't wait long to purchase it as that is probably their only shipment and may not be there the next time you go. We are waiting for Jeremiah's documents from the States so we can finish the rest of the needed documents here for Taiwan.

Things yet to buy (w/ approximate costs in NT):

Our Bedroom Boy's Bedroom Bathroom Living Room Dining Room Kitchen Misc Baby Stuff




book shelf $1000



Computer replacement parts $13,000

1x cannister of formula $?
socks with nonslip padding